Palm Tree History in Saudi Arabia

September 12, 2022 Palm Tree History in Saudi Arabia

Palm Tree History in Saudi Arabia ↵

Saudi Arabia is the home land of the Date Palm Tree. With more than 10000 years of age it is one of the oldest trees in the world. Many nations transferred the palm trees from Saudi Arabia (used to be called Arabian Peninsula) to other places in the world after they became amused by its charming beauty and its endless generosity.Palm Tree History in Saudi Arabia, For example, the great Alexander was the first to introduce palm trees to Pakistan. And with the entrance of the Kalifa Abdualrahman Aldakel to Spain (Andalusia) the first palm tree entered Spain.

This led to its availability in America; because it was introduced to Mexico for the first time by the Portuguese and then it reached the United States during the 18th century.In Islam, dates have received more attention than any other fruit. For instance, PROPHET MOHAMMED (PEACE BE UPON HIM) encouraged Muslims to break their fast at the sunset during the month of Ramadan by dates and water.

He once said that if a person has some dates in his house then he is not poor. Today, Saudi Arabia is the second largest producer of dates in the world. Saudi Arabian date fruit is well known for its deliciousness i.e. if the date is tasted once; a person will quickly become a date lover. We have to mention though that there are more than 300 types of dates in Saudi Arabia with.